Sharing your knowledge using Ebooks is a great way to raise your profile and attract your ideal clients to your business. But many people are put off writing them because they see it as too much hard work, or because they don’t see themselves as having the skills to create an Ebook that will interest potential clients.

Well you’re missing a major trick if you’re not offering Ebooks in your business. They are an effective way to attract people on to your email list and show your prospects that you know what you’re talking about. And if you can sell your Ebooks then you can use them to bring a passive income stream into your business.

However, you’ll hear people tell you that Ebooks are a massive waste of time and that no one wants to read them anymore.

Well I’m here to debunk a few myths and in this blog, I go through the 10 myths about Ebooks that will dispel any doubts you have about using them to attract your ideal clients to your business.

There are too many Ebooks already.  This is a common complaint and justifiably so because there are now thousands of Ebooks out there!. However, you can rise above the competition by ensuring that your Ebook is aimed at overcoming a challenge or issue that your ideal clients are struggling with right now and which is written in language that they understand.

Using Word isn’t good enough. Forget expensive desk top publishing software, word processing software such as MS Word has all the necessary tools to create a professionally looking business Ebook whether you’re giving it away or selling it on Kindle.

You need to be a designer.  Remember it’s the content people want, not the fancy design.  Some text and images are fine.  You can easily create a front cover using PowerPoint or free image editing software such as Pixlr.  See my video “How to Create Ebook Covers Without Photoshop“. 

You need a website to promote your Ebook.  Get people to subscribe to your email list to download the Ebook.  Most email marketing providers will create a link for the optin form which you can post on to social media sites as well as your email signature.  You can also get people to sign up via your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and SlideShare presentations.

It has to be perfect.  Obviously you want it to look professional but don’t stress out on making it look absolutely perfect. In fact, I was shocked when I first heard that most people who download your Ebook will only skim through it. To be totally honest, it doesn’t matter whether they read it or not, once you’ve got them on your mailing list, then you can start to share valuable and interesting content.

No one reads them.  Yes, that’s true – see above!  People reading your Ebook won’t bring in sales.  But people adding themselves to your email list will.  Now you have the opportunity to share relevant and valuable content with them over several weeks and months and this is where the real marketing starts.

You need to be a writer.  You don’t have to be Stephen King but you do need to get your message across coherently and succinctly whilst at the same time be interesting enough to hold people’s interest. Get someone to check spelling, grammar and to ensure it makes sense.

You don’t know what to write.  Reuse existing content such as blogs and articles, presentations or webinars. For example, turn a series of blogs on how to lose weight into an Ebook called “10 Top Tips to Losing Weight Fast”.

You don’t have enough content.  Approximately 10-15 pages of text and images for a free Ebook is fine.  Short paragraphs and bullet points is better as no one has time to read pages of lengthy text.

They can’t be downloaded to Kindle.  Ebooks in PDF format can be read on Kindle devices and it’s a good way to encourage people to read your content while they’re on the go.  People can either email the PDF to their Kindle device or drag and drop the PDF from their computer to Kindle via USB.

So these are the 10 myths about Ebooks. If you want help in formatting and publishing an Ebook that will get you noticed, attract enquiries and clients and generate an additional income for your business, then check out our Digital Publishing Services.

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