I met someone at a networking event recently and we were chatting about social media and how addictive Twitter and Facebook can be!  However, when I asked if they were on LinkedIn, they said no because they had never understood how LinkedIn could benefit their business.

I find that this is the case for a lot of people; however, if you’re marketing to other businesses then LinkedIn is an invaluable tool to help you promote your services and connect with valuable contacts.  I’d even go as far as to say that it can be more valuable than either Twitter or Facebook.

So here are 10 tips on using LinkedIn.

Share your interests. Complete the interests section of your profile with keyword rich content so that you appear in search results.

Keyword rich links.  When adding links to your website, name the link with keyword rich content rather than using “My Website”.  You can also use these links to link to any external site such as your Facebook page.

Job headings.  One of the main components of your profile is your work history.  Rather than using the job role description in your job title heading, make it more descriptive with keywords.  So instead of using Personal Assistant, you could say “Providing administration support and creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations to Senior Director”.

Build connections.  Start building your connections by connecting with people that you meet at networking events.  However, when sending out your invitation to connect, ensure that you personalise it to the recipient rather than sending out the default request.

Add a Company page.  If you run your own business, then you can add a Company page to your LinkedIn profile.  This lets people know more about your services or products and they can follow your Company page.

Get introduced.  If you want to be introduced to specific people, then you can do this by seeing who your own connections are connected with.  Search for them on LinkedIn, see if they’re connected with anyone in your network, and then ask for an introduction.

Get involved with Groups.  A great way of building engagement on LinkedIn is to get involved with Groups – either joining ones where your target market hang out, or setting one up of your own.  Add to discussions by asking questions or linking to an article with valuable content and inviting comments.

Organise your connections.  You can organise your connections into groups by using criteria such as tags, companies, locations and industries.  This is a good idea if you want to send a message to a specific group of people.

Enhancing your profile.  You can enhance your profile by publishing blogs and articles within LinkedIn itself as well as uploading other content to your profile.

Questions and Answers.  A great way of displaying your expertise on LinkedIn is to use the Questions and Answers section.  This is where you can post questions for other users or answer questions that have been posted.

If you use LinkedIn already, then drop a line in the comment box below to let us know how you use it and what benefits or business you have got from it.

And if you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile or any of your other social media accounts, then check out our social media marketing service. We can help you to ensure that your social media accounts reflect your business professionally, as well as schedule posts and updates to your profiles so you can maintain visibility with your online followers.

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