WordPress now powers around 23% of all websites online, with business sites being the most popular type hosted by the platform. Yet when I talk to clients about setting up their websites on WordPress, I notice that many of them don’t really understand what it does or how they can use it to build their online brand.

Personally I love WordPress – I used it to create my own website and think it’s the best platform for business owners to build their online brand. So I always jump on my soapbox when I meet other people who question its worth and whether it has the features to promote their business effectively.

From these conversations, I’ve learnt that there are a few misconceptions about WordPress and what it can do.

And here are 11 of the most common misconceptions about WordPress.

Both versions of WordPress are the same. There can be confusion between the 2 versions and some people think that both are hosted by WordPress so you don’t have to pay a penny. WordPress.com is hosted by them and they also give you a domain name so it’s totally free; however, with WordPress.org, you have to buy your own domain and web hosting package so there is a cost involved.

WordPress is child’s play to set up. I work with clients who are real technophobes, and yet many of them have been led to believe that anyone can set up and use WordPress. Creating and publishing posts and pages is fairly simple but designing the look and feel of the site can involve technical skills which many business owners just don’t have.

WordPress is only for blogging. It was originally set up as a platform to write and publish your blogs. Now it’s developed so that you can choose to have the home page as a static web page rather than your blog posts, giving you the option to use WordPress to create websites.

WordPress is only good for certain types of business. With the large variety of themes and plugins available, you can use WordPress to create fully functioning websites of every description whether you are a news site, non-profit organisation, or a business offering services or products.

You can’t adapt WordPress themes. Many people don’t realise that you can adapt the look and feel of a WordPress theme to match your company branding. This can be done either using the theme dashboard, by editing the template files, or by uploading plugins to add extra features such as sliders, custom sidebars and footer areas.

WordPress is only good for basic websites. Even though it was originally set up as a blogging platform, there are a vast array of themes and plugins which you can now use to create an e commerce, forum or membership site for example.

WordPress is not secure. Because WordPress is free, open source software, many people think that it’s more liable to be hacked. What they forget is that there’s a large community of people who are working on keeping WordPress up to date, adding new features and fixing any security loop holes. The best way to secure your website is to install a security plugin and to update WordPress and any plugins whenever new versions are released.

WordPress doesn’t provide support. As mentioned above, there’s a large community of WordPress developers out there who give up their time to provide support and advice to users. Check out the support section at WordPress.org or look at the other websites out there that provide advice on how to use WordPress. These are just three that I’ve found useful – WP Beginner, WPMU Dev and BobWP.


You don’t have to worry about SEO. I’ve spoken to many people who have had their website created on WordPress and believe that because they have an SEO plugin installed, they don’t have to do anything else. Even if you upload an SEO plugin on to your site, you still have to set it up and add the title, description and keywords for each page or blog post that you create. The plugin doesn’t magically do that for you!

All WordPress websites look the same. You don’t have to go with the default WordPress theme. There are a vast range of different themes out there which you can use to design your website – just go to sites such as ThemeForest and type in the word “WordPress” and you’ll find over 5000 search results. All these themes can be adapted to suit your own personal preferences on colour scheme and layout.

Large companies don’t use WordPress. Because it started out as a blogging platform, many people think that WordPress is only suitable for one man bands and start-ups, and once you start to grow then you’ll want to move to something more “serious”. However there are many large brands who are using WordPress to power their websites, such as Yahoo, Samsung and Ford. As mentioned above, there are a vast range of themes and plugins that you can use to create websites of every description, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or large corporate.

As you can see, WordPress can now be used to create beautifully designed, fully functional websites for all types of business whether you are a start-up offering services to other businesses, or a large corporate selling high-end products.

If you’ve got a WordPress website already but it’s not performing as effectively as you would like, or you want to create a website on WordPress but don’t know where to start, then check out our Website Design Services and find out how we can help you have an up-to-date website that will promote your business effectively and turn website visitors into clients.

Information source: W3tech

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