Have you been doing email marketing for a while but finding that your subscribers aren’t engaging with your emails in a way that will bring in money for your business?

You’re not alone in struggling with this issue and as someone who uses email marketing for both my own and my clients’ business, I know how many people find it difficult to start bringing in the bucks with their promotional emails.

But you don’t have to be a marketing genius to build a relationship with your subscribers. In fact I’m going to share with you 3 golden rules that will help you get clients and earn money from your email marketing.

1 – Only subscribing people who give their permission.

Have you ever found yourself exchanging business cards at a networking event and a couple of days later you start to receive promotional emails from someone you met there? Or you fill in a contact form on a website and instead of the person getting in touch, you receive generic newsletters trying to sell you the company’s latest services?

Even though very few people like to receive unsolicited promotional emails, it’s the kind of tactic that many small business owners use when they start out with email marketing.

So why do they do it?

I know that when I first started out, it felt embarrassing to be spending time writing and sending out newsletters packed full of valuable content to just a handful of people. There is a temptation to upload all the contacts on your database to help you quickly bulk up the numbers.

However, if you’ve read my previous blog – Creating emails that will get people to buy what you’re selling – you’ll know that email marketing is all about building engagement and relationships with your subscribers so that they potentially come to trust you enough to want to hire your services.

So if you have been tempted to add contacts to your email list without their permission, think about what you can do to grow your subscriber list in a way that will attract your interested clients and inspire them to stick around and find out more. I quickly turned my handful of subscribers into over a thousand by creating free ebooks aimed at my ideal clients for them to download by signing up to my list.

2 – Sending a welcome email

How often have you come across a company offering a service or product that sounds like just what you need? You’re excited to find out more so sign up on their website and expectantly wait for their first email to hit your inbox – but you hear nothing.

It still amazes me how many businesses don’t send out a welcome email to their subscribers. It’s a very simple mistake to make but it can have a real impact on the way that your subscribers think about your business.

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes – they have been so inspired by what you do that they’ve given you their email address without any hard sell from you. So why do so many small business owners miss this golden opportunity of getting themselves in front of people who want to find out more about their services?

I think I know the answer. When I first started out with email marketing, I was very wary of sending out too many emails because I thought that my subscribers would find it annoying. But like many business owners I had forgotten one very obvious truth about email marketing – people sign up to your list because they want to hear from you!

So make sure that you have a welcome email that goes out to your subscribers as soon as they sign up to your list. I usually thank them for signing up and give them a brief summary of what they’re going to be getting from me. This helps to build an immediate relationship with subscribers.

3 – Reminding people who you are

Like many business owners, you can find yourself signing up to a lot of email lists whether that’s to get a free ebook, attend a webinar, receive exclusive tips on etc. The downside is that you can easily forget who you’ve signed up to and why.

If you’re like me and trying to keep on top of your inbox, it can sometimes be easier to hit the delete button or unsubscribe link when you come across a promotional email from someone you don’t recognise, rather than struggle to remember who they are.

And that can be true for your subscribers if you’re not adding a reminder of how they signed up to your list on to your promotional emails. The worst that can happen is that your email marketing provider suspends your account because there have been too many unsubscribes or spam complaints.

All you need to do is put a short sentence at the bottom of your emails but some email marketing programs will add it automatically in case you forget. If you’re getting back in touch with subscribers then it’s better to add the reminder to your intro paragraph with details of the exciting stuff that you’ve got coming up so they want to stick around and find out more.

So these are the 3 Golden Rules that will help you turn email subscribers into paying clients. And if you’re serious about earning money from your promotional emails then contact us now for a free consultation.

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