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When you walk into a networking event, do you feel fired up and ready to tell people about the great services you offer?  Or are you wracked with nerves and wanting to hide away in the corner?  When people ask you about your business, can you clearly describe what you do in a way that makes people want to find out more?  Or do you just mumble the first thing you can think of and hope it sounds good?

If it’s the first scenario then congratulations – you sound like you’re rocking it when it comes to bringing in clients.  If it’s the latter then read on or watch the video below, because I’m going to share with you may be stopping yourself from attracting clients to your business – and how you can overcome it.

Now if you’re a solo entrepreneur then you ARE the business and how you come across to people will determine whether they want to work with you or not.  So if you lack self-confidence or self-belief, that will come across to prospective clients and will make them doubt whether you have the skills to help them.

When I first started up in business, I didn’t have a lot of belief in myself as an entrepreneur.  Networking events were the worst where I had to start a conversation with complete strangers.  I didn’t know what to say, and ended up stumbling over my words and hoping the floor would swallow me up!

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This lack of confidence is very common amongst newbies, but even established entrepreneurs can get nervous about networking or pitching to prospective clients.

I’ve found that there are 3 key beliefs that can stop you from attracting clients to your business.  And in this blog, I’m going to take you through the first one and how you can overcome it.

The first key belief that can stop you getting clients is:

“I’m not good enough.”

This is a common belief amongst start-up entrepreneurs.  I know that I negatively compared myself to others when I first set up my business.  They had more social media followers than me, they got more comments on their blogs or videos, they had more experience as an entrepreneur.  All of this would make me question why someone would want to hire me, read my blogs or download my online course, when there’s this person who’s been doing it for years and comes across as highly successful!

Don’t forget that everyone starts somewhere.  That person you admire?  They were a beginner once.  They may have 20k followers on Twitter now, but they started off with zero and worried about their follower count.  They may be a key speaker at major industry events, but I bet they started out nervous about speaking in public.  They may have loads of people on their subscriber list, but they started off with nothing and worried if anyone would download their free report.

So if you’re negatively comparing yourself to others who are more successful than you, then remember that you’re just at a different part of the journey than them.  But it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve similar results if that’s what you want.

Here’s a quick and easy exercise that can help you to overcome feelings of doubt and insecurity and get you back on track.

First of all, find somewhere quiet to sit for 20 minutes without any distractions.  Now use your imagination to create a visualisation of what success looks like to you.  That could be you giving a talk to a room full of people and getting a standing ovation; a list of glowing comments on your blogs and social media posts from people that love what you do; or a growing list of subscribers who can’t wait to get your next email and buy what you’re selling.  Really go deep into this visualisation – use all your senses to experience it fully.  Then once you’ve completed it, write down what you can do now to start making it a reality.  It could be something as simple as writing your next blog post.

Using your imagination in this way is extremely powerful. Remember that the mind can’t tell the difference between a real or imagined event. So you’re shifting yourself away from self-doubt and fear into one of confidence and action.  And this positive motivational energy will help you to take the action needed to attract the right people to your business.  And if you keep doing this then before long, you’ll be that person that others admire.

So don’t hide behind doubt and fear, get out there and strut your stuff!

Watch out for the next blog where I’ll be talking about the second key mindset that can stop people wanting to hire you.

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