I’ve been having a bit of a spring clean lately.  Getting rid of old stuff that you no longer need is great but I also came across some things that I’d forgotten about.  How often do you go out and buy something new and then realise that you had something similar hidden away in a cupboard?  I came across a few things that I’d forgotten about but could put to good use.

It’s the same with blog posts.  I’ll think of a good topic to write and then I’ll realise that I’ve already written a blog on a similar topic.

Now that blog post is still relevant to readers but because it’s something that I posted a few months or years ago, I’ve totally forgotten about it.  And more importantly, it’s something that my visitors won’t see because it’s no longer on the front page.

Most blogs contain “evergreen” content (ie not time specific), which is still useful to readers long after the publish date.  It’s a waste of time and effort to research and write content, only to have it hidden away in a dusty corner of your website.  Keep it active by continually sharing it with your online contacts.  This not only helps to raise your profile, but attracts more traffic to your blog or website.

So here are 5 ways to automatically share WordPress posts to social networks – whether it’s your latest blog or older posts that you want to share with your online contacts.

Revive Old Post. This WordPress plugin is designed to tweet your older posts to your Twitter profile to bring more traffic to your website.  You can set up how old the content needs to be before it can be tweeted, when you want to post it and the number of tweets to post out.

This is a great tool to share your old blog posts to your Twitter followers.

WP to Buffer. This plugin connects to your Buffer account so you can schedule posts to go out to your social networks when you publish and/or update them.

You can choose what gets added to the update such as author name, post title, categories etc, as well as which social media profiles that you want to publish to.

HootSuite WordPress App. If you are using Hootsuite already to manage and schedule your content to your social media profiles then you can use their WordPress app to view, create and edit your pages and posts, as well as share your pages and posts to social networks in Hootsuite and more.

Social Networks Auto Poster. This plugin automatically publishes your blog posts to a wide range of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube, Stumbleupon etc. When you’ve written a new post you can either publish the entire post or an excerpt with a backlink to your chosen social networks.

IFTTT. Set up an automated process on IFTTT to automatically post your blog on WordPress to your social media profiles.

IFTTT works with both WordPress.org and WordPress.com blogs. You can schedule blogs to automatically post to specific social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc, or you can have it post to your Buffer account.

So now you know 5 ways to automatically share WordPress posts to social networks.  Leave a comment below if you’re using any of these tools or have any other suggestions for sharing WordPress posts.

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