I love Twitter and it’s a great tool to use to build your online profile and engage with other people.  One of the great advantages of Twitter is that it’s quick and easy to use but the downside can be that it becomes very time consuming as you get sucked into posting your own tweets, reading other people’s tweets and getting involved in conversations.

So if you’re finding that Twitter is starting to eat away at your time, then here are 7 time saving Twitter tools that you can use to manage your account.

Buffer:  A great tool for posting tweets – Buffer will allow you to add up to 10 posts in their free basic account and these are timed to have the highest impact and reach with your followers during the day.

Social Bro: Lets you post tweets and manage your followers all from one dashboard.  You can see who you’re following and who’s following you, as well as check your inactive followers and who’s not following you back.  Social Bro will also tell you the best time to tweet and you can connect your Social Bro account with Buffer to schedule your tweets so they are sent out at optimal times when the majority of your followers are online.

Social Oomph:  Well-established Twitter tool that allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords and view mentions and retweets.  There are also a range of extended features in the Professional plan.

TwitLonger:  For when you can’t fit what you want to say in 140 characters.

Tweriod:  This is another tool that can tell you when your followers are online the most and therefore when is the best time for you to tweet.

Twilert: Sends you an email alert when any keyword that you have set up appears in a tweet.  This can be your business name, product or service or keyword such as “help with social media”.   This is a good tool to use if you’re using Twitter to manage customer service as you can keep track of mentions of your business name. 

ManageFlitter:  Helps you to manage your followers, eg you can find out who isn’t following you back and see which inactive accounts you follow too.  You can then choose to unfollow these accounts if you wish.

These are just a short selection of Twitter tools that you can use to restrict the time you spend on managing your Twitter account.  If you’ve got any other suggestions then please feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

And if you need help to set up and manage your social media accounts, check out our social media marketing services where we help you to create a clear strategy to get your marketing messages seen and heard by your followers and fans and turn them into clients.

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