WordPress is a powerful platform to build your website, but unfortunately it can be vulnerable to hacking attacks. And as someone who has had their website hacked, I know what a real pain it is to get everything back up and running again. Not only does it take time and effort but you could be losing valuable business because your site is now telling everyone you’ve been hacked rather than showing off your lovely services or products.

So if it’s been a while since you last looked at your website, it’s time to carry out some essential maintenance to ensure that it’s fully protected. This doesn’t take long and will ultimately save you a lot of grief and heartache from having your site taken down.

So here are 7 quick and easy ways to secure your WordPress website and ensure that your visitors always see your awesome services when they land on your site.

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Update WordPress to the latest version.  A new version of WordPress is released several times a year.  As well as offering new features, the update also includes fixes for any security loopholes.  It’s therefore essential that you update to the latest version when it’s released to help you protect your website.

Update plugins.  Like WordPress, plugins should also be regularly updated to ensure that they have the latest features and security fixes.  Out of date plugins can not only affect how your website functions, but they can leave security loopholes which hackers can use to get into your site.  So check and update your plugins at least once a month.

Update theme as appropriate.  When buying a theme, check that it is updated on a regular basis.  This is recommended because if your theme doesn’t update, it may start to become incompatible with any new features released by WordPress.  This means that it could cause problems and issues with how it functions.

Change prefix on database from WP.  This is a bit more technical but one thing that is recommended to protect your database (where your pages and blog posts are stored) is to change the prefix of the database name.  By default it’s wp_ but you can change it to whatever you want.   If you don’t know how to access your database, then there are plugins that will do this for you such as Change DB Prefix.

Don’t have Admin as your username.  Another way that hackers can get into your website is to try to get in through the login page. As a lot of people have their WP username as Admin, this means that it makes it easier for hackers to get into the site.  So change it by creating a new user on the WP dashboard, give yourself a username and password that no one else can guess, then delete the old Admin user.

Secure your website.  There are various plugins that will help you to secure your website and the one that I use is Wordfence which has a whole range of security features including limiting the number of login attempts as well as notifying you when there’s a new version of WordPress or if your plugins need updating, which is really handy.

Backup your website.  Always ensure that you back up your website regularly either daily or weekly depending how often you update it. Choose a plugin that backs up your theme files AND your database. There are various backup plugins, I use Updraft as you can have everything backed up to your file storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

So if you haven’t checked in to your WordPress dashboard in a while then spend 20-30 minutes today ensuring that everything is up to date and that you’ve done everything you can to make your website secure.  By investing that time, you will save a lot of heartache in the long run if anything does happen to your website.

We can help you to keep your WordPress website up to date and secure against malicious attacks. Check out our Website Design Services to find out how you can get a website that will promote your services in the best way and attract people who want to do business with you.

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