B2B marketers say that their greatest barriers to lead generation success are the lack of resources in staffing, budgeting, or time. (B2B Technology Marketing Community)

“I don’t have time!” How many times have you said those words while looking at your to do list? 

In fact, if I had a pound coin for every occasion someone complained to me that they don’t have time to write a regular blog or email newsletter, I’d be sunning myself on my own private island somewhere with an ice cold margarita!!

But very often those words are said with a creeping sense of guilt, because 99% of the time we know deep down that it’s a complete and utter LIE.

The reality is that while people are complaining that they don’t have time to blog or send out newsletters to their subscribers, they’re messing around on Facebook or trying to work out how to use Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever new social media tool has just popped up.

So let’s get brutally honest here – saying that you don’t have time is very often just an excuse.  The fact is that you do have the time – but you have chosen to spend it doing something that’s fun but not important rather than on something that could be helping to grow your business.

I call it Shiny Object Syndrome – a disease that afflicts so many business owners who get dazzled by the latest social media tool, that they miss out on major opportunities to get in front of their ideal clients.

53% of social media marketers don’t measure their success. (Awareness, Inc.)
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By not having a clear strategy to market your business online, you will find yourself easily distracted by every new fad and tool that pops up on the social media scene, hoping that finally this is the one that’s going to start bringing in the clients. However, while you’re chasing around after the latest shiny object, you’re missing out on a very simple way of getting your message in front of your ideal clients without all the stress and hassle.

Here is a real life example of how online marketing can get you clients without having to hustle or pitch.

I had a call from a guy recently who was looking to hire my services.  He spent the first 5 minutes of the phone call raving about my blogs and all the great advice he’d got from them.  It was great for me – I didn’t really have to do much selling or persuasion, just make sure that I didn’t come across as a fool(!) and back up what was already on my website.

I didn’t have to hustle or pitch for the work – because he’d pretty well made up his mind that he wanted to work with me before he had even picked up the phone.  And that was all down to the fact that he had already got to know me through what I’d written on my website and the advice he’d got from my blogs and newsletters.  Within 10 minutes of speaking on the phone, he was asking me to send over the contract.

So the big question is: If creating valuable and inspiring content for your ideal clients can make people pick up the phone and hire you, why don’t more entrepreneurs do it?  Or more to the point, why aren’t YOU doing it?!

Well we go back to that little ol’ excuse I mentioned at the beginning – “I don’t have enough time!”.  I agree that running your own business can be stressful and overwhelming at times but ultimately we all have the same hours in the day.  It’s what you choose to do with those hours that will determine the success or otherwise of your business.

Because it is YOUR choice.  It’s your choice how you spend your time each and every day.

It’s easy to get distracted by every new app or tool that comes on the market.  Everyone is talking about it and you don’t want to feel left out.  Vine, Periscope, Pinterest, Foursquare – they all come and go.  I’m not saying these tools aren’t any good, but they are a total waste of time for most service businesses.

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The reason that Shiny Object Syndrome can be so damaging for your business is that it makes you feel like you’re being busy creating content for all these marketing platforms while all the while you’re just wasting time on stuff that very often isn’t moving your ideal clients towards hiring you.

And even if your ideal clients are hanging out on some of these platforms – have you actually taken the time to create a clear strategy on how you’re going to use them to talk to these people?

I’m going to bet that the answer is no.  And if that’s the case, then stop wasting your time now, because it’s not going to work.

The majority of people online are searching for a solution to a problem.  

If that problem is related to your services then shouldn’t you be there with the answer?  Because if you’re creating valuable and relevant content that helps those people then guess who they are going to contact when they do decide to hire someone?  YOU!!

And if you’re not there then you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors will be and that means they’re taking business from right under your nose.

Getting clients from online marketing takes commitment.

Setting aside time to do the work that’s required to write blogs, newsletters and any other content that will educate and attract your ideal clients.  If you can’t commit to that and would rather be doing something else, then that’s up to you.  But don’t kid yourself that you don’t have the time!  You do have time but you need to stop running around chasing after things that aren’t going to grow your business.

So take responsibility for what you choose to do – you can spend the next hour checking out the latest cool app that everyone is talking about – or you could sit down and write a blog post that will help your ideal clients.  It’s your choice.

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