You put the phone down. You’ve just spoken to someone who wants to hire you. You didn’t have to sell, hustle or pitch.  There was no trying to convince the caller that you’re the one that can help them.  You just had a quick chat, they told you how much they wanted to work with you, and the deal was done.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well actually it’s happened to me!  Yes, I’ve had people call me and tell me that I’m the person they want to work with without me having to hustle or pitch.  How did I do it?  Well I didn’t transmit mind altering rays down the telephone line that brainwashed people into hiring my services – although that sounds cool!

In fact, the answer is very simple.  Most of the people who have contacted me and have been sold on working with me have one thing in common – they’ve been avid readers of my blogs. (The others have been avid readers of my newsletters but that’s another blog post!)

Blogging has been the secret weapon that I’ve used to reel in people who want to work with me.

Now I can imagine many of you groaning when I say that. “I’ve got to start blogging? But I’ve got a hundred things on my to do list, I don’t have time to write blogs!”

I know how you feel – writing blogs can be time consuming and bloody hard work!  You struggle over what to write about to start with. And even when you do get going, you find that you’re getting very few comments or shares if any so end up giving up after a few blog posts – believing that blogging is a lost cause.

Well that’s how most entrepreneurs think – and more importantly, that’s how your competitors think.

That’s the reason I call blogging a secret weapon – very few other business owners are doing it.  Or if they do blog, they usually start enthusiastically then give up after a few weeks or months because they’re getting little reaction to what they write.
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But I learnt a very important lesson from blogging.

Just because you’re not getting hundreds of retweets or comments on your blogs, it doesn’t mean no one is reading them. 

I was surprised when after several months of blogging, I went to a networking event and someone told me how much they enjoyed reading my blog posts (I thought it was just me and my mum!).  And then I started to get more and more feedback, until one day someone picked up the phone, told me that my blogs had really helped them in their business and they now wanted to hire me.

Now I don’t have any secret gift. In fact, I’m no Stephen King when it comes to writing. So how did I do it?

Blogging makes you the person that people turn to when they’re tearing their hair out trying to find the solution to a problem; when they want an answer to a question but don’t want to ask anyone in case they look a fool.  It’s your blog that makes you the one they can trust to provide the help that they need.

And that’s what makes blogging a secret weapon.  By regularly writing blogs that help your readers, you’ll be front of the queue when they do decide to hire you, because you’ve spent time developing a relationship with them before they’ve even picked up the phone.

But you have to be doing it right for blogging to work.

So before you jump in and start writing your first blog, there are 3 key things that you need to do if you want to use blogging as a secret weapon to get people to hire you.


Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Ask yourself: What do people who are interested in you want to read?  What’s keeping them awake at night?  We may not like to admit it, but we all have things that we struggle with and if you write a blog that offers people a solution on a plate, then they’re going to want to keep coming back for more. Nearly all of my early blogs were educational ones and all focused on helping entrepreneurs in their business. These type of blogs are win-win – the reader gets free help and advice; you get the chance to shout out about what you do and build trust with people who are looking for the kind of thing you offer.


Write from the heart. The trouble with solely writing educational blogs is that it can make you sound the same as everyone else.  And being like everyone else ain’t going to bring in the money!  So how do you make your blogs unique?  Well it’s all down to YOU!  Look down your list of blog topics and see which ones cause an emotional reaction? For example, I recently wrote a blog about creating a fabulous 60 second pitch (you can read it here) because when I first started out in business, public speaking was one of my biggest fears.  I shared that experience in the blog, knowing that it’s something that many other people struggle with.  Don’t forget that you’re not the only one going through these challenges so by being honest and open about them, you’re showing that you’re human like everyone else – and it’s that openness and honesty that will resonate with your readers.


Keep at it. Writing one or two blogs isn’t going to cut it.  You’ve got to keep at it come rain or shine.  It’s hard work and there will be times when you wonder if it’s worth the effort, when you could be vegging out on the sofa to X Factor with a glass of wine.  But if you’re not blogging at least once a fortnight, or ideally once a week, then you’ll be the best kept secret, while your competitors are strutting their stuff and grabbing all the limelight.  So set yourself a schedule and stick to it.  I usually write in the evening because that’s when I’m most creative, but early mornings may be better for you.  When you feel like giving up, remember why you’re doing it. Visualise that moment when someone calls you up, tells you what an inspiration you are and how much they want to work with you.  Trust me, it will give you a real kick up the butt to keep going!

Over to you…

Grab a pen and paper and write out 10 topics that you know your prospective readers will be interested in and are related to what you offer. Pick out the ones that provoke an emotional reaction.  Perhaps it’s something that you had a real fear about and you can share how you overcame it.  Or it’s something that really pisses you off and you want to get it off your chest! Now put pen to paper, or cursor to blank document, and get writing.  It may not be perfect to start with, and you may not get any reaction, but keep at it.  You need to be writing ideally once a week or at least once a fortnight.  Block out time in your diary if you need to.

After a few months or less, you’ll start to get shares, likes and perhaps a few comments. And then one day, the phone will ring and it will be someone who’s read your blogs, loves what you do and wants to hire you on the spot!  And before you know it, you’ll have a whole stream of people wanting to work with you, and you’ll never have to pitch again.

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