LinkedIn is a great tool to use to promote your services especially if you are a business owner who markets to other businesses.  I connect on LinkedIn with people that I’ve met at networking events and I also join groups and take part in discussions to raise my profile.  I’ve gradually built up my connections over time but I’ve found that as this number has grown, I’ve increasingly started to get asked to connect with people that I’ve never heard of.

At first I was puzzled by this as I didn’t know why people wanted to connect if they didn’t know me.  I then read that some people may do this so that they can then get access to your connections.  However, I didn’t want to make my connections private (there is an option to do this).

Alternatively, some people just want to get as many connections as possible – these people refer to themselves as LION on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Open Networker).  That’s fine if they declare themselves as open networkers then I understand the reason for their request to connect.

What I don’t understand is why people request to connect when they don’t know you and they give you no indication why they want to do so.  You just get the standard default invitation text with no explanation – and it drives me mad!  Why do people think that you’re going to connect with them when they give you no explanation why you should do so?

So if you want to connect on LinkedIn with me or anyone else, remember to edit the standard invitation and give people a reason as to why they should connect with you.  That could be because you’ve met at a networking event or belong to the same LinkedIn group, or you perhaps feel that there could be an opportunity of working together in the future.  These are all good reasons to connect and will stop your invitation requests from getting ignored!

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