There are many ways that business owners can get their marketing message out to their ideal clients, such as email newsletters or posting on Twitter or Facebook.  But what about when you want to share your knowledge at a deeper level than just writing a blog post or making a video?

This is where the power of creating a product such as an Ebook or online course comes into its own.  This doesn’t have to be a paid product, it can be a freebie that you give away on your website in exchange for people’s email addresses.

Writing an Ebook on a topic related to your services gives you the space to really showcase what you know and build your credibility with your interested clients.

But many business owners don’t do it because they see it as too much hard work trying to pull everything together and make it into a coherent whole.

What many people forget is that they have all the content for their Ebook already in the form of blogs, articles, videos and workshop notes.

However you can’t just get away with copying and pasting some articles into a Word document and then slapping in some pictures from Google Images.  If you want to be taken seriously and use your Ebooks to start attracting your ideal clients to your business then you’ve got to take some time and trouble to ensure that your Ebooks not only stand out from the crowd but also contain valuable and relevant content that will impress your readers and want them to find out more about you.

This doesn’t have to be as hard work as it sounds, and there are some tools that can help you to get your Ebook off the ground.

So if you want to create an Ebook that will have your interested clients knocking on your door, then here are 5 essential resources to create your next Ebook.

Mind maps.  Before you even write a word of content, you need to set out the structure and foundation of your Ebook.  This includes overall topic, sub-topics, number of chapters etc, as well as who your target readers are.  Using a mind map is an effective way to ensure that you start off with a solid structure for your Ebook so you’re focused on delivering relevant content to the right reader.  There are several mind mapping tools that you can use such as MindMeister.

Evernote.  Once you’ve got the structure of your Ebook then you’ll want to start putting the content together for each section.  When it comes to writing your Ebook, don’t reinvent the wheel. Many of the ideas for the topic will have been written about already, whether that’s content you have created or content from other people.  Use tools such as Evernote to bookmark and save any blogs, articles, videos etc that you come across so that you have all your relevant content in one place which you can refer to as you start writing your Ebook.  You can also use Evernote to write out checklists so you can keep track of what actions you need to take.

Voice recorder.  Some people find it difficult to start writing content with a blank sheet of paper or screen. If you’re one of these people then consider using a voice recorder to dictate the content and get your ideas down.  You can do this in two ways: either use a voice recorder app on your smartphone to dictate your thoughts then get someone to transcribe them on to Word for you; or use software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking which automatically converts your speech into text as you speak.

Distraction free writing tool.  There are times when you just need to focus on the writing and nothing else.  Although software such as MS Word is fine for this, the formatting toolbar can be distracting and you end up playing around with the look and feel of the text before you’ve even finished writing the content.  One way to stay focused on your writing is to use a distraction free writing tool such as OmmWriter.  Having a completely blank screen helps you to concentrate on getting your thoughts and ideas down without distraction.

Good quality images.  When creating your Ebook, your priority is to ensure that it contains valuable and relevant content aimed at your ideal clients.  But if you want to make your content really stand out then it’s essential that you add good quality images which illustrate the main topics being discussed.  It’s also highly recommended that you have a front cover for your Ebook that contains a visually appealing image. You don’t have to pay a fortune for your images; there are many sites offering free high res royalty-free images such as Pixabay or Pexels, as well as the main stock images sites such as iStockphoto and ShutterStock.

So these are the 5 things that you need to create an Ebook that will wow your readers and show them that you have the skills and knowledge to help them in their business.

We can help you design and format an Ebook for your business, whether that’s a PDF you want to put on your Website or a book that you want to publish on Amazon, iBooks and Nook. Contact us for more information on our Ebook publishing services.

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