You’ve just written a brilliant blog post that really strikes at the heart of a major issue that many of your clients are struggling with.  You publish it on your website and share it out to your followers on social media.  You’re proud of this little baby and you want it to get seen by as many people as possible.

But after a week, you become disheartened because no one has shared or commented on your blog.  So you start to think about writing the next one in the hope that it brings in better results.

Sound familiar?

Well you’re not alone, and it’s something that I struggled with when I first started blogging.  You’re relieved just to get a blog out there.  But that relief soon turns to disappointment because you find that hardly anyone is reading or sharing what you’ve written.  So you turn your focus on to writing your next blog.  Also many of us don’t like to be seen to be bragging (for me, it’s a British thing!).  So even if we think our blog is the best thing since sliced bread, we don’t want to share it out too many times in case we come across as too pushy.

But shouting from the rooftops is the very thing you need to be doing with your blogs if you want them to get noticed and read.


  1. Everyone has the attention span of a gnat nowadays. You’ve got a couple of seconds to grab their interest online, otherwise they’re out of the door and going somewhere else.
  2. People’s social media feeds are updating every second so posting a blog once or twice on Twitter and Facebook means that very few people will ever get to see it.

Getting your blogs seen by people who are interested in what you do will make you the “go to” person that they turn to when they need help with a problem.

I know this because I’ve never had to hustle or pitch to potential clients who know me through my blogs. They’ve come to know and trust me as someone who can help them – and it’s that trust that makes them pick up the phone and call me instead of all the other hundreds of businesses out there.

So if you want your blog to attract a large crowd of people and show them you’re the one they need to hire, then these are the 5 key actions you need to take:

Get it out there.  You don’t grab people’s attention by whispering in a corner, you do it by striding into the centre of the room, standing on a chair and shouting as loud as you can.  That’s what you need to be doing with your blogs.  Go to your latest blog post and put it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ – anywhere where you and the people you want to work with hang out.

Get other people to share it. People are hungry for valuable and inspiring content and will jump at the chance to share it with their followers.  Go and put social media sharing buttons on your blog and make it easy for readers to let everyone know about the great stuff that you’re writing.

Publish it on LinkedIn.  Want to get in front of other businesses?  Get yourself on LinkedIn and post your latest blog on there now.  This is your chance to show other business owners what a rock star you are when it comes to what you do.

Reuse content.  Tearing your hair out trying to think of what to write about next?  Open up your blog and choose one of your old posts.  Take the content and turn it into a video, podcast, infographic, Slideshare presentation – whatever is the best way for you to get it out to more people.  Then publish it and share it out to your social media followers.  Rinse and repeat.

Guest posting.  Writing on your own blog is one thing, but writing for a blog that can reach tens of thousands of readers can take your content into the stratosphere.  Find out who’s the top blogger in your industry, and send them an email offering to write something exclusively for them that fits in with their blog and what you do.  You’ll be getting your blog out to thousands more readers and they’ll be getting content for free.

Remember you’re never going to get noticed by potential clients if you don’t shout out about what you know and how you can help them.  So take action now, even if it’s just sharing one of your blogs on Twitter.  Then do at least one of the above actions every time you write a blog.  You will start to attract a large crowd of people and show them you’re the person they need to hire.

If you don’t have blog yet or you have one already but it’s needs more mojo to make your services shine, check out our WordPress Website Design Services.



Photo credit: Anirudh Koul via Hollywoodthing / CC BY-NC

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