You’ve just sent out your latest newsletter telling your subscribers about a fantastic offer especially for them – but after checking your stats you find that not one person has clicked through to find out more.

That was me a couple of years ago. Sending out emails and not getting much of a response so I know how frustrating and disheartening it is to spend hours crafting a newsletter telling people about your latest promotion, only to find that very few have opened it, let alone clicked on the link to read more.

But what I have learnt from using email marketing for both myself and my clients is that we’re very often looking for quick results from the newsletters that we send out. When in reality if we want to get people to open and click on our emails, we need to have persistence and patience. See my previous blog – The Essential Ingredient to Email Marketing Success.

Let’s face it, most of us want to get results straightaway. And that’s been especially true for me in the past. In fact I was reminded of this recently while I was checking my tomato plants. I planted them about 4 months ago and I’m still waiting for them to be ripe enough to eat! But what I’ve learnt is that growing your own veg from scratch takes time – and that’s the same for getting your subscribers to open and take action on your emails.

So if you’re struggling to get people to click on your offers, join me in the greenhouse where I’ll show you how to grow strong and healthy email marketing campaigns that get people to buy what you’re selling.

Plant the seeds. It’s no good throwing some seeds down on a patch of dried earth and hoping something will grow. Believe me, I’ve tried that method and it doesn’t work! If you want your email marketing campaigns to have strong roots, you need to be sowing seeds that attract the right kind of people on to your subscriber list. You can do this by creating an eye-catching freebie that you know will interest your ideal clients and is related to your services. Put it on your website and watch your subscriber list grow.

Water and feed. One sure way to kill off plants is to give them too much water. And one way to get rid of your subscribers is to drown them with loads of emails and offers as soon as they sign up to your list. Your subscribers do need to be getting regular emails so they can find out more about you, but growing healthy email campaigns requires a regular fix of content that informs, educates and inspires your subscribers over several weeks and months. So don’t drown your subscribers, feed them!

How to grow healthy and strong email marketing campaigns that get subscribers to buy what you’re selling
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Regular weeding. Now I hate weeding but maintenance is essential whether it’s in the garden or in your email list. Weeding out the non-active subscribers on your list gives you more room for those people who will open and read your emails. Let those weeds grow and you’ll find that not only are you getting no opens or clicks but if you’re paying for your email marketing service, you’re paying for subscribers who are no longer interested in what you’re offering. So get the garden hoe out and weed your list!

Harvest your crop. This is where all your hard work finally bears fruit (or tomatoes!). You’ve spent several weeks and months educating your subscribers with valuable and interesting content, now you can make your offer to them. And they are going to be more likely to buy because they have got to know and like what you do. So sit back, enjoy the view and watch the money come rolling in – until you have to do it all again for your next promotion!

Meanwhile I’ll be getting the deckchair out (once it’s stopped raining!) and sitting down with a plate of lovely juicy tomatoes with a slice of mature cheddar and a glass of red wine – it’s definitely been worth the wait!

And if you want to grow strong and healthy email marketing campaigns that turn your subscribers into paying clients for your business then check out our email marketing services. We can help you set up and manage your email campaigns so you can get your marketing message out directly to your ideal clients. Click here to find out more.

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