You know you’re good at what you do and your service will really help your ideal clients overcome one of their biggest challenges.

But trying to convince people of that can be hard work.

When I first started to promote my business, I used to find it so disheartening going to networking events trying to convince people that I had the right services for them. I knew that I could do the work but trying to build trust with other people seemed almost impossible. Then I realised that there was a simple and effective way to do this.

In fact it reminded me of a local bakery near where I live that offers free samples of cakes and bread for people to try before they buy. Now many people may taste the food and walk away but the majority will like what they see and buy the whole thing.

And you can give your ideal clients a taste of what you can do for them. By writing blogs.

Because your blogs are like those free samples – tasty morsels of information, knowledge and advice that you can use to educate people about what you do so you can entice them to buy what you’re selling.

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So if you’re struggling to convince your ideal clients that you’ve got the right service for them, put on your chef’s hat as I show you how you can create mouth-watering blogs to promote your business without really selling.

Eye-catching design. In the same way a gorgeous icing decoration can turn an ordinary cake into a feast for the eye, your blog needs to catch your readers’ attention if you want them to stick around and read your content. Create your blog or website on WordPress and you’ll get access to hundreds of themes which you can use to create a unique and stunning design for your blog that showcases your content in the best way for your business. Edible glitter optional!

Unique ingredient. What separates one cupcake from all the hundreds out there? A unique and unusual ingredient. And when it comes to your blogs that unique ingredient is YOU. Have a passion for marmite cupcakes? Then tell everyone about it. Remember that as service business owners, we don’t always have to be formal and professional. Let your readers see the real person behind the logo. This helps to attract the right people to your business – people who share the same values and beliefs as you – and yes other people who like marmite cupcakes too!

Try before you buy. Talking of marmite – although I love it on toast, I might think twice if I saw it in a cupcake. But if I could taste it first before buying and I liked it, then I may well decide to buy the box! And your blogs are like free tasters – giving your interested clients the chance to find out more about you, what you do and how you do it. Add your own personality to the mix and you’ve got a winning recipe as your readers are more likely to contact you when they’re ready to hire services such as yours because they have already got to know you through the content on your blog.

Reward their loyalty. I love loyalty cards, getting free coffees or cakes for being a regular customer keeps me coming back for more. And you can do the same with your blogs. Don’t let readers come and go, keep them interested in your business by offering them a freebie such as an Ebook or online course in exchange for their email address. Then you can start to build an ongoing relationship with them by offering further advice and tips via your email newsletters.

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Freshly baked. No one likes a stale dry cake with their Flat White. And no one wants to hang around a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated over the last 12 months! Writing regular blog posts is the best way for service businesses to keep their website looking fresh and up to date. Interested clients will keep coming back to see what fab new stuff you’ve written and you’ll improve your ranking on the search engines as sites such as Google love fresh content.

Reach more people. Whether you’re cooking up some delicious cupcakes or writing mouth-watering blogs, you want to get them in front of as many people as possible. Now attracting more visitors to your website will help but the best way of getting your blog content in front of more people is to guest blog on websites that target the same kind of clients as you do.

If you need help to create mouth-watering blogs that promote your business to your ideal clients, then check out our WordPress website design services. We can help you to create or re-design a website or blog that showcases your services in the best way and helps you get found online. Click here to find out more.

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