I’ll always remember the Christmas I was given a beautifully wrapped present from my mum. As I undid the big red bow and unwrapped the thick gold paper, I wondered what this present could be – a sweet smelling Jo Malone candle, or some gorgeous glittery jewellery perhaps. But when I opened it up, it was a box of tissues! You can imagine my disappointment. My mum had given to me as a joke because she didn’t know what to get me!

And remembering this got me thinking about the “presents” that many small business owners give out on their website – those free resources offered to entice people on to their email list. But very often those free resources are like my present – they look enticing on the outside but there’s nothing much there when you open them up.

The only way to grow your subscriber list is to create something that’s so valuable and irresistible that your interested clients will stop what they’re doing and sign up to your list there and then.

So get out the gold paper, scissors and ribbon as I show you how to design a fabulous freebie that will make people want to sign up to your email list.

What would they like? Buying presents for people can be challenging – I usually stick to the usual booze, books and bath salts because they’re all things that I know people will want and like. And it’s the same when you’re creating your freebie – you need to be giving people something that they want enough to become a subscriber. So decide on the type of ideal clients that you want to attract, do some research on the kind of challenges they’re struggling with and how you can help them. This makes your offer valuable and irresistible because you’re giving your ideal clients something that they need and want so they will happily part with their email address to get your freebie.

How would they like it? I love receiving books for Christmas (a good crime story preferably) but others I know prefer to download their reading to Kindle. You need to find out how your ideal clients like to take in content. Do they like to read Ebooks, watch videos, or perhaps they prefer to listen to podcasts? Offering the right content in the best format for your ideal clients will make them feel like you’ve taken the time to create something especially for them.

Say it with words. We may laugh at the cheesy sentimental verses that appear in Christmas cards but the reason they’re popular is because they pluck at our emotional heartstrings. It’s the same when you’re writing the marketing copy to promote your freebie, you need to use language to emotionally connect with your ideal clients so that when they read it, they feel like you’re speaking personally to them. So use the same language that your ideal clients use when they’re talking about the topic both on the optin page on your website as well as within the content itself. It’s that emotional connection that will make people believe that what you’re offering is something that they need.

Make it look fabulous. Receiving a gift that you really want and need is fantastic but receiving a gift that’s been beautifully wrapped makes you feel extra special. Show your ideal clients how much you value them by taking the time with the design of your free offer, whether that’s the optin form on your website or the look and feel of the freebie itself. Use free images, graphics and intro music to make your ebooks, videos and/or podcasts really stand out. In fact, adding high quality images to opt in forms can help to increase the number of people who sign up to an email list.

Creating a beautifully designed freebie packed full of content that your ideal clients want and need will help you to attract a steady stream of people who will drop everything to sign up to your email list. And once they’re on your list, you can start to really wow them with valuable and engaging content that will turn them into paying clients for your business.

Photo credit: top10things / Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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