You’re standing with a group of strangers at a networking event and someone is talking about a subject that you know a lot about. You’ve got strong opinions on this topic that you want to share. But when you open your mouth to speak, a little voice in your head stops you. It says something like: “You may know more about this subject than anyone else in the group but you don’t want to say anything that will upset anyone, do you? You’re there to get clients so stay silent, put a fixed smile on your face and agree with whatever is being said.”

Sound familiar?

Well, I’ve been in this situation many times. Holding back from expressing my opinion because I didn’t want to rock the boat. And not only did I do this at networking events but also with the content that I wrote for my blogs, newsletters and web copy.

I blame this on my 20 years in the corporate world where individuality and having an opinion wasn’t encouraged! So when I set up in business, I was scared to share my personality and opinions with my subscribers, followers and fans in case it put them off wanting to work with me.

And this is a challenge that many small business owners struggle with – the belief that we have to be professional at all times otherwise our interested clients won’t take us seriously and won’t want to work with us.

So we tone down our blogs, newsletters and web copy so they sound like everyone else, and we choose serious and neutral colours for our branding that won’t offend anyone or make us stand out too much.

But that belief doesn’t serve us especially when it comes to marketing our business. Because it’s who you are that makes your business unique. And yet so many entrepreneurs don’t use that uniqueness and prefer to hide behind a generic message that shields their true personality.

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So put on your superman (or superwoman) cape and join me as I share a strategy to overcome the fear of creating marketing content that lets you express who you truly are.

girl cartoonWhen I sit down to write, I tap into an aspect of myself that I’ve never really let out much before. I call her my “cheeky schoolgirl” and she’s the mischievous and playful side of me that likes to break the rules now and again! So when I think my content is getting a bit boring and bland, I take a moment and ask the question: “How would the cheeky schoolgirl side of me think about this?”. It very often brings in a whole other aspect of how I see things.

For example, I recently re-wrote an old blog called The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing from the cheeky schoolgirl aspect of myself. By doing this, I switched the whole concept of the 7 deadly sins into something that was good rather than bad. You can read it here: The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing – and how being a sinner can be good for business!

In fact, I’ve realised that I’m letting myself down by not using every aspect of who I am in my marketing – that is what makes me different. It’s what sets me apart from all the other marketing businesses out there. And it’s not that I will no longer be professional – I’ll just do it from a different place.

And you can do the same for your business.

Take a moment to think about the different aspects of who you are.

There is obviously the professional business owner but there are also other characteristics that you can tap into to make your marketing messages unique. Perhaps you’re creative, a little bit irreverent or quirky, or you have an interesting and unique hobby. How can you bring this into what you write? Or perhaps you’re a bright red or purple person who feels they have to hide behind a grey or navy logo? If you’re struggling with this, then get some feedback from someone close to you.

Because bringing more of my own voice and personality into what I write has not only affected the way I communicate and market my services, it’s also inspired me to completely rebrand my business.

I’m proud to announce that my previous online marketing business – Smart Business Marketing – has now become [drum roll, please]

Mojo Digital Marketing

The look and feel of Mojo Digital Marketing represents more of who I truly am. It has a bold and fun energy that not only can I use in my own business but also bring into my clients’ businesses as well – and who doesn’t want some of that!

Smart BM


Mojo Digital Marketing


I’ll still be sharing tips and advice to help small business owners kick-start their online marketing but it will done from a different place. I won’t be afraid to share my opinion and tell it like it is even if it does mean that not everyone will want to work with me (in fact, ‘everyone is not your client’ is a blog post for another day!).

So if you hold back from showing your true self in the content that you write, then put on your cape of courage and see how you can bring more of your own personality and voice to what you’re writing and sharing. And if you need some help with creating a strategy to get your marketing messages in front of your ideal clients, then check out our Digital Marketing Services.

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