The deadline for your next blog post is getting nearer. You know that sharing valuable and engaging content is a great way to get in front of your ideal clients but writing your blog posts has become a real chore. You dread each deadline not only because you’re struggling to find content for your blogs but you don’t know how to make them look interesting and eye-catching so that people want to read them.

I know how hard it is to write regular blog posts. I’ve often sat down in front of a blank computer screen struggling to think of something interesting to write that I know will be valuable to my ideal clients. And then one day I realised that I didn’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel. I had written quite a few blogs already so instead of trying to continually think of new topics, why didn’t I just re-use some of those blogs and present the information in a different way? By doing that I was saving myself a lot of time and effort and I was still providing value and information to my readers.

So if the deadline for your next blog is coming up and you’ve got nothing to write about then here are 4 ways that you can re-use existing content to inspire your readers and get your content in front of more people.

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Videos: I always thought I’d rather cut my right arm off than watch myself on video but after recording a few, I’ve got used to seeing myself on camera. Now I enjoy stepping into the spotlight as I’ve found that videos are one of the best ways for your interested clients to get to know you. They’re especially good for “how to” blogs where you’re showing people how to do something. And if you’re camera shy, then you can use presentations to showcase the information that you want to share. So step in front of the camera and become a business superstar.

Infographics: Remember the old saying – A picture paints a thousand words. Most of us loving looking at pictures and prefer to take in information through visuals rather than text. So if you’ve got a blog post that contains a lot of steps or statistics for people to follow, then consider turning it into an infographic. It makes it much easier for the reader to understand and absorb the points that you’re trying to get across. So turn boring data into visually appealing infographics to capture your readers’ attention.

Slideshare: PowerPoint has become a bit of dirty word in business with many people preferring to forgo sex or see the dentist than sit through another PowerPoint presentation! But before you dismiss it completely, it’s actually a great way to get your blogs in front of more readers. Just put your blog content on to slides and upload them to a site called Slideshare. Once on Slideshare, you can share and embed the presentation on to your blog or website, and you can also add a narration and turn it into a video. So get your creative juices flowing and turn old blogs into eye-catching presentations that get more readers.

Podcasts. Love to talk? Then podcasts are a great way to share your content. They’re basically audio files that you record and upload to sites such as SoundCloud or iTunes. Record suitable blog posts on to an audio file and upload them to the internet so people can download and listen while on the move. You can also use podcasts to do interviews with other business owners which helps to raise your credibility and profile. So switch on the mic and create content that your interested clients can access from anywhere.

So if your next blog post is due, then don’t tear your hair out trying to think of something to write! Look back at your previous blogs and see how you can re-use the content using inspiration from the ideas above.

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