As I mentioned in To Blog or Not to Blog, blogging is a great way to promote who you are and what you do to your followers and fans.  However, one of the downsides to your content becoming popular is that you will start to attract unwanted comments – otherwise known as spam. 

Basically these are people who are using your blog to promote their own products which are not usually ones that you would want to advertise on your website!  If you don’t filter these out then it make your blog look really unprofessional.

So how can you get rid of spam on your blog?

Well there are two ways – you can either add a spam filter or CAPTCHA form on to your blog.

A spam filter will block the comments from appearing until you approve them.  One of the most well known spam filters is Akismet, which will hold your comments so that you can review them and approve or delete as necessary.  In fact, if you’ve got a WordPress website then the Akismet plugin is added as standard.

However, you can be clever with your spam comments.  If you get one that is praising your blog post then you can edit it and take out the link to the website.  This means that you can keep the comment on your blog but you won’t be adding backlinks to any dodgy websites!

A CAPTCHA form is when the person has to key in some characters or a mathematical equation before they can post their comment.  You can download a CAPTCHA plugin if you have a WordPress website or you can get a free CAPTCHA for your site.  You’ve probably seen the image below when you’ve completed online forms.

Recaptcha Example

Because I’ve got a WordPress website, I personally use Akismet and it gets rid of around 100 spam comments a week which would otherwise be appearing on my blog.  But either option will help you to keep your blog looking professional and spam free.

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