What do you see when you look at your Twitter or Facebook feed?  Does it contain a good mix of valuable content and interesting conversations?  Or is it a stream of links to articles and blogs that everyone else is promoting? Or perhaps there’s tumbleweed blowing through it because it’s been weeks since you last posted anything?

Social media can be one of the biggest time-sucking activities there is so is it any wonder that many busy entrepreneurs decide to just automate blogs and articles out to their timeline and leave it at that.

When you first start out on social media, you can easily feel like you’re drowning in a sea of questions and information. Which platform should you be on? Where do the people you want to work with hang out? What kind of stuff should you be sharing with them?

It leaves you little time to actually find valuable and original content that people want to read.  So you either end up filling your timeline with blogs and articles that everyone else is sharing or you post a few updates when you’ve got a spare minute.   Unfortunately, none of these strategies is going to attract a flood of followers let alone clients.

Instead think of being on social media as like being at a party.  You have the social butterfly mingling with the crowd, engaging in interesting conversation. Then there’s the person who loves nothing more than to strut their stuff on the dancefloor showing off their moves.  And finally the snore bore who stands in the corner droning on to anyone who comes near.

Be a combination of the first two and you will start to attract a crowd of people who are interested in what you do and have them knocking down the door wanting to work with you.

So get your party gear on and join me on the dance floor as I show you how to strut your stuff on social media so you can get yourself noticed by the right people for your business.

Rock your own style.  Whether you’re like me and love a bit of cheesy disco or whether you prefer a bit of break dancing, everyone has their own style on the dance floor.  And you need to have your own style on social media if you want to get noticed.  Open up your browser and go to either Canva or Pablo and create a background image for your social media profiles that grabs people’s attention and fits your branding. Now review your social media bios and write a punchy memorable message that gets across who you are and the great work that you do.

Strut your stuff.  Are you a wilting wallflower or a social butterfly?   Don’t fade into the wallpaper by posting the same old stuff as everyone else.  Get your phone out instead and create a short video of you talking about a subject you care about and upload it to Twitter or Facebook. Join a Twitter chat by opening up twubs.com and starting a conversation with someone who is looking for help or giving an opinion.  Show people that you’re a rock star at what you do for your clients.

Be the cool kid.  No one wants to be that boring old fart who hangs around the drinks droning on.  But that can be you on social media, endlessly posting links to content that’s been shared a hundred times before.  Open up your browser and look for a blog or article that’s sticking two fingers up to the perceived wisdom on a topic you know a lot about.  Now share it on Twitter or Facebook, and tell people what you think.  Give people something different to read and they’ll be queuing up to hang out with a cool kid like you.

Keep dancing.  Not everyone shares my taste of cheesy disco but I’m happy to dance with the people who do! And that’s the same on social media, connecting with people who share the same interests as you.  If you’re on Twitter, go to twellow.com and search for people who you want to hang out with, whether that’s because of what they do or what they like.  Follow 10 people a day and see how you can start a conversation with them. Are you on LinkedIn? Go to their advanced search facility and find people in the same groups as you.  Follow them and tell them why you want to connect, and if there are any ways that you can help each other.

So go to one of your social media profiles now and choose one of the actions above, whether that’s creating an eye-popping image for your profile, or searching for relevant people to follow.  Keep tweeting, posting, sharing and chatting every day and soon you’ll find that you’re attracting a large crowd of people who love who you are and what you do.

Do your social media profiles make you look like a wilting wallflower rather than a social butterfly?  Our social media marketing services will help you to strut your stuff and get you noticed by the right people for your business.

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