As I mentioned in my blog, How to Use Ebooks to Promote Your Business, Ebooks are a great promotional tool for your business whether you put them on your website or sell them on Kindle or iTunes.

But for many people, getting started with their Ebook can be a real challenge.  Because you may have some exciting and valuable content that will help your ideal clients but very often just the thought of sitting down and writing it from scratch can put you off before you’ve even started.

Well I’ve written several short Ebooks over the last few years and I’ve found one tool that has been invaluable in helping me do this – and that’s Evernote.  By using Evernote to capture ideas, collate information and organise content, I have saved a lot of time and effort in writing and editing my Ebooks.   

In this blog, I am going to show you how you can use the tools on Evernote to write an ebook that you can use to attract leads to your business.

First of all log in to Evernote or create an account if you don’t have one already.

It’s a good idea to download the Evernote app to your computer rather than use the web version.  Evernote can be used with both PCs and Macs.

Create a new Notebook for your Ebook project.  I would recommend that you create Notebooks for each section or chapter of your Ebook.  This helps you to structure your Ebook and ensure that the content is in the right order and has a natural flow.

If you are going to create several Notebooks for one project, then group them into one Notebook Stack and you do that by dragging one Notebook over another on the Evernote dashboard.  Grouping the Notebooks together makes it easier to manage your writing project.

You can now start to create and collate the content for your Ebook by creating a Note within your Notebook.

Create content by typing content directly into the Note itself and using the formatting tools on the Note toolbar.

Create an action list of what you need to do to write that section of the Ebook by using the Checklist icon in the Notes toolbar.

Collate content by clicking on the Paperclip icon in the toolbar at the top to add documents from your computer, whether that’s notes, charts or images that you want to use in your Ebook.  If you can’t see the Paperclip icon, click on the down arrows at the far right of the toolbar to display it.

Capture “aha” moments and ideas with the voice recording feature. Just click on the Microphone icon next to the Paperclip to record your voice and save the sound recording directly into the Note to listen to it at any time.

Get inspiration by capturing content from other sources such as blogs and articles. Add the Evernote web clipper to your internet browser so you can clip interesting content and save it to your Evernote Notebook.  Just go back to your Evernote App, click the Sync button and see the web page appear in the relevant Notebook.

Stay on schedule with writing your Ebook by adding reminders to your Notes.  Click on the Reminder icon, add a date and time for that particular Note and you can choose whether Evernote sends you an email when the reminder is due. This is a great way to stay on schedule with writing your Ebook.

These are just some of the features that make Evernote an invaluable tool to get your next Ebook off the ground.

Once you’ve written your Ebook then you’ll obviously want to get it out there to as many readers as possible. That’s where we come in. Our Digital Publishing Service can help you to format your Ebook so it can be viewed correctly on all the relevant e-readers and apps, and then we will publish your Ebook to all the major publishing platforms so you can raise your profile and generate an additional income for your business.

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