When I’m talking to clients about using Ebooks to market their business, one of the common issues that they raise is that they have the content but don’t know how to turn that content into an Ebook that people will want to read.

From my experience, there are 3 main types of Ebooks that you can use to market your business.  And you can use one of these formats to easily convert your content into something that will attract your ideal clients.

So which type of Ebook is right for your business?

Well here are the 3 main types of Ebooks that you can use:

Instruction guide:  Use this format to teach people how to do something. For example, you decide to write a guide on how to set up a professional profile on LinkedIn so you get noticed by people you want to connect with.  You can write out the process on how to do it and add screenshots for each step.

One way to write it is to actually work your way through the steps and record the instructions as you go along using a tool such as Dragon Dictation.  Then add screenshots of each step using a browser extension such as Fireshot.  Edit and proofread your transcription, split out the steps into chapters with your screenshots, add a cover and about us page – and voila! – you have your Ebook.

See my blog: 3 Tools to help you write an Ebook

Top tips:  Ebooks are a great way of showing your target market that you know about a particular subject. But what puts people off is the thought of writing a 20-30 page guide.  One way to get round it is to split the content into tips.

For example, you may help people promote their services using Facebook so you could write an Ebook on the top 10 ways get people to like your Facebook page.   You write each tip on a separate page with an image and header, add a table of contents and About us page and before you know it, you have a 12 page guide aimed at your target market. Breaking down the content into tips makes it more attractive to your readers as they will find it easier to read and digest, compared to pages and pages of text.

Target a niche:  If there is a particular problem that you know people in your target market are struggling with, then you can write an Ebook that addresses this issue.  In terms of content, this is a more fluid type of Ebook than the previous ones.   It can include tips, techniques, infographics, etc and any case studies that you have worked on with clients.

And remember, don’t be shy about adding your own spin on the subject, especially if you’re open to challenging received wisdom or any myths that people may have about what you’re offering.  It’s this unique point of view that you bring to the subject that will make it stand out from all the other Ebooks out there on the same topic.

Got any questions on Ebooks, or want to share your own thoughts and experiences? Then feel free to leave a comment below.

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