A website can be a great way to communicate your products or services to your target market but it takes considerable planning and development to make your website truly effective. However, the job doesn’t end with getting your site up and running; there’s the ongoing task of keeping it updated and maintained.

So many small business owners get a website designed and then once it’s gone live, sit back and think they don’t have to do anything else. Well, it’s not as simple as that unfortunately!

We all know about the necessities of regular maintenance. This could be taking your car for an annual service, going to the gym every day or visiting the dentist for a check up! Well the same thing goes for your website. You might have spent a lot of money and effort creating it, but you’ll get no return on your investment unless you also spend time maintaining it.

So when was the last time you looked at your website? And when you looked at it, did you like what you saw?

Because if you’re not updating your website regularly then not only could you be putting off those people who are looking for services such as yours, but you might find that your website no longer displays or works as you think it should.

So here are five reasons why updating your website is crucial if you want to use it to attract your ideal clients to your business – and more importantly, get them to contact you!

Regularly adding fresh material encourages visitors to keep coming back. This could be content such as blogs, latest news about your business or any upcoming events. Spending the time and resources to regularly update your site will help drive traffic to it and get it noticed by the search engines.

Your website isn’t a printed brochure. Like all your marketing activities, it must evolve to meet the demands and needs of your target market. You can use a sign up form for your newsletter, video advertising, and podcasts etc to communicate to your visitors and build a rapport with them.

Your website is only successful if people can find it! Search engines love fresh content so keep your website updated – blogs are a great way to do this. Also ensure that your content features the target keywords that people are using to search for the services or products that you offer.

Is your website still there? My website got hacked into and instead of visitors seeing my lovely web pages, they got a black page with a message denouncing America! So keep a regular check on your site to ensure that all your files, folders and images are still intact, and your links are working properly. You can check to see if your site does go down with tools such as Pingdom.

Know your visitors. Use tools such as Google Analytics to track how many people have visited the site, what pages they’ve viewed, and how long they’ve stayed. You can then make any necessary changes to improve traffic and visitor retention. Anyone who relies on their site for business purposes should monitor it weekly or at least monthly.

If you’ve only got a small site for your business then maintenance should only take an hour a month. But why spend your precious time updating your website when you can get it done for you?

As part of our Website Design Service, we can maintain and update your website for you. Not only will we protect your website against hackers and other security loopholes, but we will ensure it’s backed up regularly so if disaster does strike, we can get it back up and running straightaway.

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