If content is king then conversion is queen – John Munsell, CEO Bizzuka

Creating content is all well and good but it’s a waste of time if that content isn’t converting your website visitors or subscribers into becoming paying clients for your business.

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. (Demand Metric)

Content marketing in the form of Ebooks (whether you offer them for free or sell them via Amazon or iTunes) is an effective way to get in front of people who are interested in your business. If you offer your Ebook as an incentive to get people to sign up to your list, then you are able to communicate your marketing message directly to your subscribers so they think of you first when they’re ready to buy.

And I know for a fact that Ebooks can convert your subscribers into paying clients because I have successfully used them to attract prospects and show them that I have the skills and knowledge to help them in their business.

So if you’re not using Ebooks as part of your marketing plan, then you’re missing out on a major opportunity to get your interested clients on to your subscriber list so that you can  show them who you are, what you do and how your services can benefit their business.

Still not convinced?

Well here are 12 reasons why Ebooks should be ruling your marketing world so that you can become the “go to” king or queen in your industry and start attracting people who want to do business with you.

Explain the benefits.  People may not get the benefits of using your services straightaway.  An Ebook can help you to educate your interested clients about how your services can really help their business.

Develop trust.  One of the biggest barriers to people working with you is not knowing whether you are the right person to help them in their business.  By writing an Ebook on a relevant topic, you can show your ideal clients that you understand the kind of challenges they’re facing and that you are the best person to help them with those challenges.

Speak their language.  Whether your writing is formal, informal or full of industry jargon, ensure that you’re communicating in the same style as your ideal clients, so they will feel like you’re talking directly to them. This helps to build a relationship between you and your readers.

Understand their personal needs.  With an Ebook, you can communicate on a much deeper level than you can with other forms of content such as blogs. Create valuable and engaging content that makes your readers feel like you really know them and the issues they’re struggling with right now.

Attract the right people.  Create an Ebook that is targeted specifically at your ideal clients so you can ensure that your subscriber list is attracting the type of people who are interested in services such as yours.

Capture visitors who aren’t ready to buy.  Many people who land on your website may not be ready to buy straightaway. Offer an Ebook as an incentive for them to sign up to your list, and then start to nurture those people with regular marketing messages so they get to know you and how you can benefit their business.

Keep your business name top of mind.  Use your Ebook to create a valuable resource that people refer to regularly such as an action checklist.  Brand this with your business name so people will be constantly reminded of who you are and what you do.

Get in front of a wider audience.  Create a compelling “must have” guide or report that your readers will want to share.  Add social share buttons to the download page so that subscribers can tell their followers and fans that they have downloaded the Ebook.  Getting social proof will enable you to promote your content out to more people.

Get seen above your competitors.  Writing and publishing an Ebook enables you to refer to yourself as a published author.  Not only can you use this to position yourself as an expert on your particular topic, you can also raise yourself above those competitors who haven’t published a book.

Build a unique brand.  You can use Ebooks to create a brand for your business.  For example, if you’re looking to work with female entrepreneurs who have children, you can brand yourself as “The Busy Mum”, and then create a series of Ebooks on different topics called “The Busy Mum’s Guide to XXXX”.

Attract bigger clients.  Use your Ebook to move people along your marketing funnel.  You start off with your Ebook which is the first point of contact, and then over time you send out promotional emails that nurture your subscribers to spend more money with you, ie they use your services, have a 1-1 session with you, or attend a workshop or retreat.

Grow your tribe.  Use your Ebook to build your authority and credibility so that people get to know you as “that” person.  This will enable you to build a tribe of people who are interested in what you do and have to say, and who will become advocates for your business.

By making Ebooks an important part of your marketing plan, you can start to position yourself as the “go to” person within your industry, get seen by more people and ensure that you’re attracting the right kind of people to your business.

Want to publish an Ebook but don’t know where to start? We can help you to create an Ebook whether that’s a PDF that you want to offer as an incentive for people to sign up to your list, or a book that you sell on Kindle and iTunes. Check out our Digital Publishing Services to find out how we can help you to generate more enquiries and clients from your digital content.
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